All that is left to do is adjust some settings to be able to use the app. Unfortunately, you can’t just set the default app to Windows Photo Viewer the way users that upgraded can. Instead, what’s changed with the installation of Windows 10 , is which app is set as the default option for opening any photos. Fortunately, it doesn’t take very many steps to change the default app back to the Windows Photo Viewer.

Under Web Credentials, you can find the passwords used to log in to various sites. While under Windows Credentials, you can see the rest of the PC logins. This is the best automatic way to scan your Windows and secure confidential information stored on your Windows. Protected Storage is a service used by Microsoft products to provide a secure area to store private information. Uninstall live moviemaker temporarily to let you install older version .

  • This can be used against fishy apps to protect your data from being sent over to private networks or the Internet.
  • Resource DLLs are data files that are in the same file format as DLLs but use the ICL, FON, and FOT file extensions.
  • Many of you would like to get rid of it, and such an option was available in previous versions of Floating Apps.

Alison was previously an editor at TechRepublic. This profile settings was first introduced in Intune 1704 – and in the new Intune 1706 with a more settings and sub settings. Does the method of disabling Windows defender in the registry change in different Windows 10 versions?

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You can bring it up by selecting the Windows Security icon on the system tray. Once it shows up, select Virus & threat protection, pick Scan options, switch to Full scan, and choose Scan. Press Windows+S to open Windows Search, type cmd, and select Run as administrator.

You can also use the Windows Disk Clean-up utility to free up disk space by searching your entire drive for junk files. Using Windows Disk Clean-up to delete temporary files has the added benefit of rooting out any cached data in other locations beyond the Temp folder. Disk Clean-up is included in all versions of Windows. It’s important to note that file type associations tend to reset back to their defaults upon software update, so you may have to go over the entire process again. Alternatively, you can take a backup of your file associations and restore it after updating your system to save the hassle. In its aggressive mode, the registry cleaner in jv16 PowerTools found 392 registry problems; in its normal mode, it detected 298 problems.

  • What’s more, Auslogics BoostSpeed comes with a whole selection of other helpful tools that can help you optimize your PC and boost system performance.
  • The fact of the matter is that modern computer systems, particularly Windows systems, are very active even when there is no user sitting at the keyboard.
  • Depending on your specific version of Windows 10, Windows Defender may be called Windows Security or Windows Defender Security.
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But that is an easy way too do it,i usually use msconfig anyway but didn’t think about disable all since i wasn’t sure what issues it would cause. Look in the Status column and right click on every task that isn’t listed as Disabled, and disable it. @ OP, If the settings dont work out for ya have a look thru the Task Scheduler. I successfully disabled it with Group Policy tweak via Winaero Tweaker. I can not start my mobile internet connection, which is loaded from a USB stick modem. Hey it work on getting the window defender to off. I will try again to stop the sampling going.Thank you.

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Windows 10 assigns default icons to various objects but you can replace these pictorials representation to match your taste and preference. Step 2.Select the unsaved file and click the “Open” button. Then, on the pop-up window, choose “Save As” to recover it. In Office 2010 and the higher version, recovering Excel temp files is quite easy by using the AutoRecover feature.